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When bullies unite, feel your own power

A bully can sometimes create a group against one person when they feel they do not have the power to hurt on their own. The intent is to harm the person by making them feel like everyone is against the other person. And since humans innately want to be accepted and to feel like there are people around us that care about us, emotionally, mentally and then physical suffering can overtake us. Although we understand this intellectually, the feelings we have while being bullied may take over as we try to protect ourselves.

Even as we reach out for help, it is important to protect oneself and how we do this is to learn to reduce anxiety and learn ways to cope. Your state of mind is important during this time. Take deep breaths, think positively, find your joy...start the process of taking care of yourself.

Self-hypnosis is a natural way to relax and replace negative feelings with positive emotions. If you are unfamiliar with meditation or mindfulness, Colibri Wellness by Hypnosis can teach you to put yourself in a mindfully relaxed state in order to be open to positive hypnotic suggestions. This will show you your inner strength. Even the small hummingbird has amazing strengths!

Experience the benefits of mindful meditation, you will be helped through the journey of taking care of yourself. Experience the strength of the hummingbird. Colibri Wellness!

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